It is of high importance for American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair to protect our consumers’ privacy. The following explains how we collect, use, and disclose data that we obtained when our consumers use our Service, visit our website, or communicate with us.

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair strictly complies with the data protection legislation and regulation that includes, but is not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. We will use all the information we have collected from our consumers through our Service in compliance with the said laws.

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair is responsible in controlling the personal data we have collected from our consumers in accordance with those laws.

Using our Service serves as your agreement for us to collect and use your information, including personal data based on the purposes of this policy.

Effective Date: July 23, 2018

I. Information Collection and Use

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair may collect your personal information in different ways that include, but are not limited to, contact forms, emails, and social media platforms.

In order for us to improve our Service and expand our marketing and advertising campaigns, we analyze and use the information we have collected from you as our consumer. We do not, however, disclose your personal information to third parties unless American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair believes it is necessary for security purposes. In such cases, we will notify you and only with your consent may we execute such action. American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair will have to obtain our consumers’ authorization in the event that such disclosure of their personal information is necessary. These events include situations when the law requires government agencies and law enforcers to collect such information.

Types of Data Collected

a. Personal Data

When you use our Service we collect personal information that identifies you as our consumer. This information includes your activity behaviors and other personal information. While navigating our website, we may ask you to provide us with “Personal Data,” or personally identifiable information. We use your personal data to identify and contact you. These pieces of personal information that we collect when you use our Service include:

  • i. Your first and last name
  • ii. Your email address
  • iii. Your phone number
  • iv. Your street address
  • v. Your company information
  • vi. Your billing information

b. Usage Data

i. Usage Data is the information that allows us to determine how our Service is accessed and used. We use cookies to track and collect this information.

The usage data we collect by using cookies may include the following:

  • Date and time of your visit to our website
  • How long you spent time on our Service
  • Your browser information
  • Information on the device you use for our Service
  • Your browsing history
  • Your IP address ( Internet Protocol Address)

II. Cookies Policy

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair uses cookies to help improve our Service by enhancing our users’ browsing experience through creating a friendlier user interface. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your devices, whether you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile devices such as a smartphone. These cookies are sent back to our website with the original contained data.

Cookies play an important to us because they keeping track of data reflecting each individual user’s visits and activities on our Service. This data contained in our cookies serve as unique anonymous identifiers. The information they contain include, but are not limited to:

  • When your most recent visit to our Service was
  • Which Settings you prefer
  • All information you’ve provided in our online forms

You are given the option to block cookies on your device, either through your browser or device settings. However, doing so can keep you from accessing and utilizing some pages and features of our Service.

The cookies that we use are the following:

  • Session Cookies. We use these cookies to track our consumers’ operating sessions and visits to our website.
  • Preference Cookies. These cookies help us collect vital information on how a specific user prefers various settings.
  • Security Cookies. These are cookies that serve an important role in collecting information that we use for security measures in our Service and also for our visitors and consumers.

Besides using cookies, we are open to using similar tracking technologies to monitor the user activities on our website. We use tracking methods such as beacons, scripts, and tags to collect useful data that we may use and analyze to improve our Service, marketing campaigns, and communication or assistance our users and visitors.

III. How We Collect Your Personal Data

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair collects and analyzes personal information and data when you provide us with your personal information, contact us, or navigate our website. These data help us to further improve our Service and your user experience. We store information that is necessary and important to our Service.

Every time you navigate our website or provide information by filling out our online forms, some of your personal data will be stored in our database. We will use this information to distinguish and analyze our consumers and visitors.

Here are some of the ways we are able to store your personal data:

  • When you enable cookies on your device
  • When you provide personal information by:
    • Filling out our web forms
    • Contacting us

IV. Use of Data

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair uses the collected data for purposes that include the following:

  • To provide a better overall service to our customers
  • To seamlessly notify users of updates on our Service
  • To create a better interface or platform for user participation.
  • To provide and enhance customer care and support
  • To track the usage of visitors and users
  • To detect, resolve, and prevent technical issues the soonest possible
  • To seamlessly notify users of updates on our Service

V. Transfer of Data

Upon using our Service, you agree to have your personal information and data collected, maintained, and/or transferred to databases and computers that can be located outside your country as well as your country’s governmental jurisdiction. In cases such as this, the data protection laws may vary from the laws under your country's jurisdiction.

Some or all information which includes, but are not limited to, the personal information of users located outside of the United States will be collected, transferred, and processed to the United States. Filling out as well as submitting forms serve as your consent that you agree with the use of our Service.

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair will take all necessary steps along with proper precautions to secure the transfer of any personal information and data in accordance with our Service. Data transfer to a different organization will be prohibited unless there are adequate measures in place that include the security of your personal data.

VI. Disclosure of Data

a. Legal Requirements

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair will allow the disclosure of your personal data if such action is necessary to:

  • Comply with legal obligations
  • Protect the rights and property of American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair
  • Prevent anomalies in connection with our Service
  • Ensure the safety of every user or the public
  • Protect against legal liabilities

VII. Security of Data

We prioritize the security of every piece of personal data and information we collect; however, take note that not all methods of electric transmission or storage over the Internet are always 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal data. Nevertheless, we do our utmost to utilize commercially acceptable methods to protect all data we collect.

VIII. Service Providers

Take note that we employ third party companies as well as individual service providers to help us with facilitating our Service, performing related tasks, providing Service on our behalf on occasion, or assisting us with regards to the usage of our Service.

These third parties may have access to the personal data and information of every user we collect for the sole purpose of performing some tasks on our behalf. These third parties are also prohibited from disclosing any personal data and information nor use it for purposes which are not related to our Terms of Service.


  • i. Google Analytics is a freemium web application offered by Google that can be used to track and report user traffic on our website. (Freemium is a pricing strategy wherein users are allowed access to free products or services; however, money will be charged for additional virtual goods, features, or services.) Read their privacy policy here.
  • ii. Information they collect:
    • Your apps, browsers & devices
    • Your activity (pages clicked while using our Service)
    • Your location information (IP address)

IX. Links to Other Sites

American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair may use links directing to third-party websites that are not operated by us. Take note that by clicking on these links, you will be redirected to the third-party’s website. Therefore, we strongly advise you to thoroughly review every third-party website's Privacy Policy before clicking on these links.

We are not responsible for any third-party websites as well as their services. We do not have control over their privacy policies, practices, or content.

X. Children's Privacy

To continue utilizing some of our services, we require the collection of personal data from our clients. Take note, however, that we do not collect these information by force. Therefore, clients who want to continue using some of our services should voluntarily provide us with the necessary information. We at American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair abide by the law to legally collect, retain, as well as share information with our clients’ consent. However, we do not allow the use of our services to anyone under the age of 18.

We do not knowingly collect, retain, nor do we disclose personal information from anybody under the age of 18. For our Service, we do not process any personal data given by users granted that they are from someone under the age of 18. Be advised that we strictly prohibit the collection, retention, and sharing of any personal information from anyone under 18 years of age, and if such activity arises and we become aware of it, we strictly employ the necessary action to remove these information from our database properly. Moreover, we will also take necessary safety measures to make sure that any incident similar to that does not occur again.

In the event that you find out that your child has accidentally or purposely provided us with any personal information, contact us immediately so we can start identifying any and all personal information given to us. After which, we will erase all of the information from our database.

XI. Changes to our Privacy Policy

Please be advised that we at American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy by adding, removing or revising certain details of it without prior notice. Once posted, these changes are considered to be effective. Our clients are then required to comply with the terms and conditions of our new and improved Privacy Policy.

XII. How to Contact American Eagle Vending Machine Services & Repair

If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us through 602-430-9088 or 602-233-1333. We can also be reached by emailing us at or filling out our form found on our Contact Us page. To be updated, please check for any changes made on our Privacy Policy that may affect you or your business in any way. You can always access it via our home page at